Write For Us and Submit A Guest Post

To write for us and submit a guest post to Liz Roncevic Art site, please just reach out to me directly! I would love to have you contribute to my blog! 

I am currently looking for people to submit their artwork and blog entries to my blog.  Additionally, I’m always looking for people to review current art shows and keep my reader base informed on upcoming ones. 

I celebrate art of all kinds and welcome learning about it and honoring your love of art too!  All you need is a passion for creativity.  That’s it!


To Submit A Guest Post And Write On This Site

To submit your guest post all you need are a few different things:

  • A passion for art
  • An opinion about something related to art
  • Some sort of personal story about art

Although we would love to publish and feature every single artist, we can not.  However, it doesn’t hurt to reach out to Liz Roncevic Art and simply say hi and connect.

Topics Of Interest

There’s so much to write about when it comes to art, isn’t there???  We welcome to hearing your pitch on any topic related to art.

Currently, we love hearing about:

  • Gallery/Museum reviews and critiques
  • Upcoming art shows and exhibits
  • Personal stories
  • Anything else related to creating


Reach out to me directly by visiting the contact page on my site.  Thank you and keep creating!