About Liz

Liz Roncevic is a fine artist who grew up in Northern New Jersey.  She attended college at School of Visual Arts in NYC.

Liz’s work explores feminist issues although Liz does not consider herself a feminist.

“My art is not meant to be feminist art.  I use women as subject matter because it’s what I relate to.  I paint paintings that explore my own feelings about expectations, society, the female body and more.  However, I don’t know that I really want to be classified as a feminist artist.  I see everyone as who they are.  Neither man nor woman.” – Liz Roncevic, Artist

Liz grew up in Haworth, NJ.   She currently lives in Morris County, NJ with her partner Brian.  She currently is the founder and owner of an SEO agency, Bizmap LLC.

To reach out to Liz, please contact her here.

Paintings In Progress....

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NYC NJ Fine Art Liz Roncevic
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